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Film Productions can Restart in Toronto, Canada

Film Productions are Going to Restart in Toronto, Canada

Hollywood film productions  are to shut down in March due to Coronavirus Pandemic, and now major centers like Toronto are once again distributing film permits.

However, if film and TV production workers want to get past Canada’s travel restrictions some conditions are underlying , they cannot have any symptoms of coronavirus and they must be able to quarantine for 14-days..They will also have to demonstrate to the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer why they need to be in Canada to carry out their employment.

Travel restrictions might even boost Hollywood’s interest in producing films in Canada, according to The Hollywood Reporter. With limited flights and travel restrictions blocking other markets, Canada might be a viable option. 

“Travellers should also consult the respective provincial/territorial websites to ensure that they [can abide by their] quarantine and public health requirements…” CBSA wrote to CIC News in an email, “In all port of entry cases, the final decision is made by a Canada Border Services Agency officer, based on the information available to them at time of processing.”

Foreign film and TV personnel are exempt from the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which is required of many work permit holders. LMIAs help determine the need for foreign workers in a specific sector or occupation. They are also meant to ensure that a foreign worker is not taking an open position that a Canadian worker could fill.

Film and TV crewmembers, actors, and other workers are eligible for the Significant Benefit Work Permit. LMIAs are not needed for this permit because film crews in Canada have a significant cultural and economic benefit to the country. As a result, the positive effects of issuing the work permit to film and TV workers outweigh the potential negative consequences that could result from not doing an LMIA.

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