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Dua Lipa's 'Great Albania' Map Tweet Followed by a Huge Controversy

British pop star Dua Lipa has welcomed a huge reaction online with her controversial tweet associated with supporters of extreme Albanian nationalism.

Lipa posted a map that includes Albania, Kosovo and parts of neighbouring Balkan countries mainly inhabited by ethnic Albanians - and a definition of the word autochthonous.

In her tweet, Lipa included a definition of the word autochthonous - meaning indigenous to a place. Albanian nationalists allege that their people settled in the region far before the Serbs, and use this to claim nearby lands. Serbs say Kosovo is part of its territory - and nationalists often voice their sentiments with "Kosovo is [part of] Serbia" slogans.

The tweet sparked strong reaction from supporters and critics alike.

Lipa was accused of favouring Albanian expansionism after posting the map which forms part of hard-line nationalist dreams of creating a Greater Albania that would incorporate all ethnic Albanians.

The British artist posted the map after a petition appeared online calling for Apple Maps to show Kosovo as an independent nation.As of Tuesday morning the petition has more than 120,000 signatures.

Rita Ora - another fellow British pop star who was born in Kosovo's capital Pristina in 1990 - has also tweeted in support of the country appearing on Apple Maps, and in support of Dua Lipa.

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