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Daniel Lewis Lee- First Federal Execution Set to Resume in US after 17 Years

Daniel Lewis Lee- First Federal Execution Set to Resume in US  after 17 Years

After 17 years in the United States, federal executions are about to take place. The execution will take place at four o'clock in the morning (Monday, June 13) at 1.30 am Indian time. The death penalty is in progress following the verdict of the appeals court.

Daniel Lewis Lee is being executed. Lee and his companion were arrested in 1996 for killing three members of a family. Relatives of the victims had approached the lower court, stating that Lee's execution should be postponed and that they could not testify against Kovid. Subsequently, the appeal court overturned the lower court's decision to suspend the death of 47-year-old Lee. The court ordered Lee to be executed by lethal injection.

Meanwhile, there are indications that Lee might appeal to the Supreme Court on the death penalty. American media reported that the death penalty could be prevented only if the procedure was initiated at four o'clock local time Monday (1.30 am Indian time).

The execution of Lee, who killed three members of a family and dumped her body in a lake, was supposed to take place last December. But the verdict was delayed in the face of federal death penalty laws.

Meanwhile, 81-year-old Earlene Peterson, a family member of Lee's killers, has opposed Lee's execution. They demanded that Lee be sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Lee's accomplice. Earle's daughter, daughter's husband and granddaughter were killed. Executions of four federal prisoners, including Lee, are expected to take place after 2003. All four executions will take place in July and August.

The Trump administration has announced that it will resume federal executions after a long hiatus last year. The decision was to be executed in December and January. The 53-year-old former US military soldier Louis Jones Jr. was convicted of murdering 19-year-old Tracy Joy McBride, a US military official, who was eventually executed in the US. This was on March 8, 2003.

Depending on the US judicial system, crimes can be prosecuted nationally in federal or state courts. Cases affecting the country, including counterfeit currency, or constitutional violations are being tried in federal court. Other cases are left to federal court, depending on the severity of the crime.

In 1972, the Supreme Court abolished federal and state capital punishment. In 1976, the Supreme Court upheld the death sentence for state courts. In 1988, the US government passed a federal-level death penalty.

According to the Death Penalty Information Center, 78 people were sentenced to death in federal cases in the United States between 1988 and 2018. But only three have been executed so far. There are currently 62 people in the US awaiting federal execution.

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