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Coronavirus- India Overtakes Russia, Became 3rd Largest Number of Cases

Coronavirus- India Overtakes Russia Became 3rd Largest Number of Cases

India has recorded more than 24,000 new cases of COVID 19 in the past 24 hours report by overtaking Russia. The country now has the third largest number of confirmed cases of corona virus among the world, a total of 697413 cases.

India reported about 19693 deaths yet.The latest surge in the numbers has recorded by a rise in cases from southern states, including Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Southern Indian states had earlier managed to keep infections at bay. But India reopened shopping centers , places of worship and offices a month ago  and ease out it in phases to promote economic activity, even as cases continued to spike.

India went into a complete lock down in March to tie up the spreading of corona virus,whose number were only in the hundreds then.

Even though India has the third highest number of cases, it is eighth in fatalities. But experts point to India’s low fatality rate- 2.4% in comparison to the global average of 4.7% - as a potential silver lining.

The recovery rates of India is in an increasing manner, about 60% of all its confirmed cases found recovered.

India’s active infections and the mortality, even low, is an impact of the fragile health care system in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore as reports says.

The rise in number can also defined as the increase in the testing- cities and states across the country have recorded a number of testing in recent weeks.

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