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Corona Virus New Updates of the World - any Relief?

Corona Virus New Updates of the World

The novel corona virus has been swallowing entire world. About 11,415,901 total cases have reported yet all around the world. A total of 534,196 deaths and about 6,463,630 total recoveries.
 If we look the country wiser updates, USA occupied the first place in the cases of corona virus pandemic. From the 2,930,000 infected cases, 1,260,619 have recovered and 132,437 have died. America have done the more tests on the Corona virus than other countries. About  36,955,038 tests have done until now.

The second most infected country is Brazil,of about 1,578,376 total cases. From which more t 978,615 recovered and 64,365 reported as died.There is no new cases reported today.

India was poised to overtake Russia and become the country with third largest caseload in the world,a new peak of novel corona virus have reported Saturday. New reports revealed Russia of about 681,251 cases and India right back with about 675,453 total cases.

Peru, Spain, Chile, UK are found ordered in the remaining positions, having 299,080, 297,625, 291,847 and 284,900 total cases respectively. No new cases founded in these countries waving a good relief.

Mexico is following with about 252,165  totals by adding about 6914 new cases. Italy have no new cases today, a total of 241,419 cases are reported yet.

Iran and Pakistan is still reporting new cases making worst rate of the infections.Iran was among the countries in which the earlier spreading of the pandemic reported and where still the spreading continuing.

Among the GCC countries Saudi Arabia is reporting the highest number of infections of about, 209,509 total cases by adding  the 3,580 new cases. Qatar is in second position having a total of 99,799 cases. Other countries GCC countries have less than 60,000 cases reported yet.

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