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Cooronavirus- Victoria’s cases have doubled to 5164 in just 12 days; a Stage 4 Lockdown Ahead

Victoria has  recorded a huge covid rise within 2 weeks,coronavirus cases have doubled to 5164 in just 12 days.

It took 160 days for the state’s case tally to climb from the first case on January 25 to 2536 by July 4. But the total toll has now doubled in less than a fortnight amid Victoria’s disastrous second wave.

Victoria recorded 428 new coronavirus cases on Friday, with three Victorians dying of coronavirus overnight.A man and a woman, both in their 80s, and a man in his 70s are the latest fatalities, bringing the total number of deaths to 32.

The Australian Medical Association is demanding the Andrews Government immediately introduce stage four coronavirus restrictions, saying it will soon be too late to hesitate any longer.

With more than 400 cases recorded in a single day, AMA Victoria President Professor Julian Rait said stage three lockdowns introduced in areas of Melbourne at the start or the month had done nothing to contain COVID-19’s spread and more drastic measures were overdue.

“We have to accept that more stringent measures are imminent because, if those numbers don;’t really turn around we’ll be in a different world on Monday,” Prof Rait said.

“The Chief Health Officer has been suggesting this should turn around or at least plateau about now and it hasn’t, and we have had lockdown measures around metropolitan Melbourne now for more than a week.

“We have had suburban lockdowns for three weeks, and we are not seeing those numbers diminishing.”

The state’s chief health officer earlier hinted that further restrictions may be on the horizon.

“Everything is on the table,” Professor Brett Sutton said.

“There will be dozens of individuals who will require hospitalization from these 428 people.

“Tragically, there will be several who require intensive care support and a number of people will die and whenever we have a day of these numbers, that is the case.

“We are all thinking about the additional measures that may be required if it does not turn around.

Prof Sutton confirmed one of the deaths was linked to an outbreak at Menarock Life Aged Care in Essendon.

There are 122 Victorians in hospital, including 31 in intensive care.Of the new cases, 57 are linked to known outbreaks, one is in hotel quarantine and 370 are under investigation.

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