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Blue and Black Lives Matter Clashes at Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

Blue and Black Lives Matter Clashes at Dyker Heights, Brooklyn
Dyker Height Protesters

Anti-cop protesters crashed a Blue Lives Matter rally in Brooklyn on Saturday,ended up  with furious finger-pointing and a lot of shouting, pushing and shoving.

Some three dozen anti-cop protesters showed up just before the 11 a.m. start of the rally at 13th Avenue and Bay Ridge Avenue in Dyker Heights.The multi-racial group confronted a crowd of more than 300 police supporters, virtually all of them white.

But angry words flew and at least one fist flew from among some of the rally attendees in Dyker Heights, largely from the pro-cop contingent.

“You want to destroy America!” pro-cop protesters there hollered. “You are f—ing Communists. Go to Venezuela.”

Lou Gentile, a 70-year-old Army vet, traveled to the rally from Staten Island in a three-bus caravan.
“I had to be here to defend my police – defend them and to show that I’m in total support of them,”
 Gentile told The Post.

“They risk their lives every day for us. When they put that gun on and that uniform, they risk their lives,” Gentile said pointing at cops.

In Queens, thousands of joined in a pro-cop march along the boardwalk in Rockaway Beach, many carrying American flags and carrying “God Bless the NYPD” signs.

There, too, Black Lives Matter protesters gathered as well, and were kept separate from the cop supporters.

“The Blue Lives Matter march – there is no such thing as a blue life, it’s a blue shirt,” one of them, who declined to give his name, complained.

“They seem to think that Black Lives Matter is a personal attack on them, on their white lives and the police, but what we want is equality,” he said.

“We want fair treatment under the law and the police has shown that they can not do that.”
The NYPD quickly stepped in to separate the anti-cop protesters, who carried Black Lives Matter signs, from the pro-cop protesters, who chanted “NYPD!” and carried signs reading Blue Lives Matter.

The anti-cop protesters were barred from joining the rally as it marched up 13th Avenue. No arrests were reported.

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