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Anti-Netanyahu Protest Jerusalem- A Showoff the Topless Woman on the Top of the Menorah near Knesset

Anti-Netanyahu Protest Jerusalem- A Showoff the Topless Woman on the Top of the Menorah near Knesset

Protesters in Jerusalem displayed nudity during an anti-Netanyahu protest. The drama unfolded on Tuesday night during a protest rally near the Israeli parliament, Knesset.

At least 34 people were arrested when clashes broke out after midnight Tuesday as thousands of people gathered in Jerusalem to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government’s policies. One woman sparked outrage after she posed topless on a statue of a menorah at a traffic circle near the Knesset (– not the iconic bronze Knesset Menorah).

Protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been going on in Israel for days. The protesters cited the failure to defend Covid and allegations of corruption. Meanwhile, on the Traffic Island near Knesset, a woman took off her coat and climbed on top of the menorah, the official symbol of Israel. They waved red flags and chanted slogans against the Prime Minister.

After largely peaceful protests during which the demonstrators marched to the nearby Knesset and back, police began forcibly clearing people from Paris Square outside Netanyahu’s home at about 1 a.m. 

It took over social media and the photo went viral. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that she was a student of social sciences. Social workers across the country went on strike yesterday, citing low wages and workload. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

The incident was sharply criticized by Knesset Speaker Yariv Levine. He said it was a disgrace to the country and action should be taken against those who defamed official symbols. “Shame! Recognizes the right of every individual to protest and express an opinion. But no country will allow anyone to defame official symbols. This woman must be brought before the court. This is not only to punish them, but also to send a clear message to the citizens, ”Yariv posted on Facebook.

Israeli political leader Tali Ploskova tweeted that the protest was a right but a bad one. “Protest is a right. Sometimes it is mandatory. However, the method they chose was not correct. Protest is not about stripping, violence or brutality. It is not right to insult national symbols, ”Ploskova said.

However, many came out in support of the naked protest. Anti-government protesters say the protest has garnered world attention for its lack of weapons and violence.

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