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Why our fingers wrinkle in water - The Science Behind it

Why our fingers wrinkles in water The Science Behind itYou all have noticed that our skins, especially fingers wrinkling when dealing more with water . What is the reason behind it? Did anyone think about it? Is this wrinkles lose the sensitivity of  our fingers? Many people think that water soaking into the skin puffed parts of it up, making those wrinkles.But what’s the real reason?

Actual cause of wrinkles 

Researchers believe that this wrinkles are results from some reactions controlled by the autonomic nervous system.

The wrinkling of fingers and toes are occurring when blood vessels just below the skin shrinks - a process called vasoconstriction. If your nervous system are functioning properly, then soaking in water sends a message through the nerves telling those blood vessels to shrink. The lose of blood volume makes the arteries, brains and capillaries skinnier. Then the skin over them turns to wrinkles.

This is the normal biological mechanism known for the wrinkles formation. The reason is that the keratin in the fingers absorbs water when in contact with it for long.

Another reason suggests that the outermost skin provided with sebum oil, which protects, lubricates and moistens the skin.This is acting as a water proof on our skin. When staying longer time in water wash away the sebum and water can penetrate into the outermost layer of skin and thereby cause wrinkles.

Is wrinkle cause damage to skin ?

Aquatic Wrinkles doesn’t cause any damage to our skin.Creating temporary wrinkles make more grip to our skin for holding objects.A similar grip we getting in the toes while walking in the rain.

Fortunately these wrinkles disappear soon and skin will returns to its normal state.

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