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Where is PM Narendra Modi’s '$1bn' Controversial Fund?

PM Cares Fund

PM Cares fund, a fund set up by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to fight Covid-19 is now fell down into the controversial pool. Since the starting of the fund, non- transparency is a major issue put forward by the public, now the Chinese donations to the fund is another suspicious fact rising among the people.

On 27 March, just days after India began a country- wide lockdown to halt the spread of the corona virus, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi set up the PM Cares Fund,  Prime Minister’s Cutuzen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situation Fund.

“ It is my appeal to my fellow Indians, kindly contribute to the PM Cares Fund,” Narendra Modi tweeted a day later.

“This will go a long way in creating a healthier India,” he wrote.

Donations flood from Industrialists, celebrities, companies and the common man, within a week, donations had reached about 65bn rupees ($858m;£689m),as reporters said. The fund is now believed to have exceeded 100bn rupees.

On the day PM Cares was set up, a massive humanitarian crisis emerged in India like, millions of migrants workers, some of India’s poorest people, began fleeing the City after the sudden lock down implementation.

It was thought the government would spend at least some of the money helping those fellows, but nothing happened. For weeks, they walked hundreds of miles with hungry and more than a 100 died.

What happened to the fund actually?

There were many questions emerged since the week PM Cares Fund was setup, how it is constituted and managed, how much money has been collected, from whom the huge collection done and how it is being put to use?

But there are no answers to any of these questions on PM Cares website. The prime minister’s office (PMO), which is managing the fund, has refused to provide any information.

Petitions have been filed under the Right to Information(RTI) Act and in the courts, seeking more transparency. But so far the petition denied, as claiming the PM Cares is not a public authority, which means it’s not controlled by the government, so doesn’t come under RTI Act.

Kandukuri Sri Harsh, a law student was first to seek information with an RTI application, filed on April 1,” It’s absurd to say the PM Cares is not a public authority,” said Mr Kandukuri.

He claimed out many arguments to show why the fund should be a public authority:
  • It’s controlled by the government- the Prime Minister is the chairperson, three of his cabinet colleagues are trustees and the remaining three trustees are nominated by the PM.
  • The PM Cares website is hosted by “”- the official government domain 
  • The fund uses the national emblem of India, which only government entities are allowed to use.
Saket Gokhale, an activist and former journalist, described Fund as “the Achilles Heel of the government, a blatant scam.”

Not yet received any right information about whether where the PM Cares Fund, how it is using

Have any Donations from Chinese to the Fund?

An examination of public media reports and company statements shows that at least five Chinese companies said that they would or have donated to the PM Cares Fund.

The data reveals that, Tik Tok has poured about Rs 30 Crore to the fund. Like that, Xiaomi Rs 10 Crore , Huawei Rs 7 Crore ( the amounts of both Xiaomi and Huawei are donated by the firms to the PM Cares and various CM relief funds) OnePlus aboutRs 1 Crore and Oppo of Rs 1 Crore  have donated to the fund.

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