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Vitamin- D Deficiency Causes and Symptoms

Vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin,is a most important vitamin which involving on several systems throughout our body. It is produced by the body in response to skin being exposed to sunlight. So it’s primary source is the sun . But it is also occurs naturally in a few foods - including some fish , fish liver oil, egg yolk and in fortified dairy and grain products.
Vitamin D deficiency is common among people, it’s estimated about 1 billion people worldwide have this deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency causes
  • If Your exposure to sunlight is limited 
  • If You have a dark skin- the pigment melanin reduces the skin’ s ability to make vitamin D in response to Sunlight.
  • If you don’t consume the recommended amounts of vitamin .
  • If you are obese - vitamin D is extracted from the blood. Fat cells will alter its release into the circulation.
  • Being elderly.
  • Over usage of sunscreen while going out.
Symptoms and signs
  • Getting sick or infected often
  • Always feel fatigue and tiredness 
  • Bone pain and Back pain
  • Depression 
  • Slow wound healing
  • Low bone mineral density ( lost of Calcium and other minerals)
  • Hair loss 
  • Muscle pain often difficult to pinpoint.
Health risks of vitamin D deficiency 
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases 
  • Cognitive impairment in older adults 
  • Asthma in children
  • Cancer
Test for vitamin D deficiency 

The most accurate way to measure the vitamin D amount in you body is 25- hydroxy vitamin D blood test. A level of 20 nanograms/ milliliter to 50ng/ mL is adequate for healthy people.

Treatment for Vitamin D deficiency 
  • Spend time in the sunlight- Especially morning sunlight.
  • Avoid usage of sunscreen .
  • Include vitamin D foods in your diet - like fatty fish or fortified dairy products.

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