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Undertaker Announced His Retirement from WWE

Undertaker Retirement will he Make his Return to WWE
The Undertaker
The legend Mark William Calaway, better known by the ring name The Undertaker , has announced his retirement and spoke about not having any desire to return to the ring.

The Undertaker seemingly announced his retirement from WWE on the last episode of “The Last Ride,”. It was a moment of disappointment to the fans world wide.

Mr Calaway, nick named as dead man , has been a multiple world heavyweight champion, six-time tag team title holder and winner of the Royal Rumble.

After almost 33 years of wrestling, the Undertaker says on the final episode of his Last Ride docuseries, he is at peace with not wrestling again. This is something he wasn’t able to despite teasing retirement a few times throughout the years.

The Last Ride is the most trending show currently as everyone wants to know who the real Undertaker is. 

On Sunday, he tweeted a clip from The Last Ride and wrote,”you can never appreciate how long the road was until you have driven to the end.”

The Dead man has put it all on the line over the course of his career, for the fans, who can never be replaced.

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