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Trump Issued New Immigration Restrictions to the Foreign Scholars

Trump Issued New Immigration Restrictions to the Foreign Scholars
Donald Trump 

US President Donald Trump have issued a new proclamation, to put restrictions on the immigration of foreign scholars and workers by limiting their entry to the United States. They will affect more on the people working in Science, technology, engineering and Mathematics.

The new order is planning by the Trump Administration as a target to recovery from the economic impact of the Corona virus .

According to the order, the US will stop issuing certain categories of foreign workers visa - notably the H-1B visa given to foreign factually members hired at universities and employees hired by tech firms until the end of the year.

The freeze is also apply to H4 and L visas as well as most of the H2-B visas. The administration also said it would issue new regulations denying work authorization to asylum seekers with pending claims for one year, arguing that the humanitarian program is being exploited by economic migrants who file meritless claims.

The new measures take effect on 24 June. It doesn’t change the status of immigrants already in US.

“Based on fiscal 2019 data, the proposed measure- if kept in place for a year- could affect more than 550,000 potential immigrant workers,” said Aaron Reichlin- Melnick, policy Counsel at the non partisan American Immigration Council.

In 2019, Amazon led the nation in approved H-1B visas with 3,026, followed by Google with 2,678 and the outsourcing firm Tata with 1,733, and Facebook,IBM, Intel and Apple also rank among the top 10 H-1B employers.

Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google similarity have asked the White House to rethink its restrictions.

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