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The Prophet - A Great Insight of Real Life

The  Prophet -  A  Great Insight of Real Life
" The timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness. And knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream."
The great lines ever I have engraved in my mind and a wake up call in me in every morning from an eminent writer Khalil Gibran . The Prophet is a wonderfully simple book  of staves off layer after layer of each phase in a whole lifetime . A dogma free spiritual reality in oppose to the religion.

While talking about the author, Gibran is a Lebanese-American poet and writer , who mostly wrote in English as well as Arabic . He was born in a Catholic family but his most writes are inspired from the Muslim religion and culture .His style, which broke away from the classical school, pioneered a new Romantic movements in Arabic literature of poetic prose. His most works are based on the spirituality and Sufism and all that stuffs.

The prophet is a philosophical prose poetry of 26 prose poems,  it's a thin book  and written in a form of prose ,but the writing style and the way it has been written is poetry. But some people regarding it as a religious book, but  its simply not such a religious plot its a spiritual reality . If any religion it sided to it neither   Islam nor  Christianity , but the only religion we must  speak to be Humanity.

When I read this its seems too wise to be written by a man, feels like it was written by God himself . In short, The man,  The Prophet who was trying to leave a place where he used to live many of years. Before he set off  to sail the people who resided there asked him various facts of life, those answers he returned to them are really fascinating and of great beauty and are the main stuffs of this book .

 The Prophet resonates with spiritual wisdom on a range of subjects, including giving, eating ,drinking,learning, buying and selling,death,pain,friendship,love,marriage,crime and punishment,laws,religion,beauty pleasure,time,children and so on. The entire coverage of whole life with beautifully furnished lines. Each lines have a  number of things to talk and the lines are so  hard to understand.

It give me such an inspiration that its seems to me all about my life or it might be your  life and have to realize the each phase and be ready to face all or set up mind for the future. I personally suggest that if you get a chance to read it, never miss it ,once you read it would be the light to your coming days. Its not a book that you will read at one sitting but of course you should take time to grasp each line with their inner meaning.

“Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation” 
Another great lines that have stricken in mind.

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