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The Mount Rennie Gang Rape -The Most Dreaded Rape Case in the World’s History

The Mont Rennie gang rape reported in 1886 in Sydney of a 16 year old girl ,by 9 man-headed wolves is the most dreadful rape, which have shocked the entire world.

The gang rape occurred on 9 September 1886. Mary Jane Hicks, who was sixteen year old, and was a student at Bathurst convent school. After school she had worked as a domestic servant at Katoomba, and at a hotel and private houses in Sydney.

On the day of crime, she was going to a city for an employment registration, while she walking she was offered by a lift by a cab driver, Charles Sweetman. She accepted and entered into the cab. After some times he instead drove the car into another area, what is now Moore Park area, and then to an isolated piece of bush land in the suburb of Waterloo called Mount Rennie.

She was calling out for the help when she realized that she got trapped,He tried to abuse her on his cab, but she refused and screamed out for help again. While 2 young men came and saved her from him, but Sweetman departed on the spot.

She walked with these young men with a feel of great relief, but she was wrong. The young men carried her two an another isolated area, where they were joined with several others, some of them began to take turns to rape her. She cried out loudly for help again. When William Stanly, a passerby heard her screaming and he ran towards the sound. He tried to rescue her, but his attempts were failed in front of a brutal gang , the beaten down him with bricks and bottles .

He got up and ran to a distant Redfern police station where he reported crime at 4 pm but police arrived at the scene at 5 pm. They interrupted the crime and they were unable to catch up the fleeing offenders. 

She was out of conscious after the brutal stroke but she gave evidence that at least eight men held her down and took turns to rape. the inquiries continued and 12 men were identified and eventually arrested, including, the cab man, Sweetman. But later announced 9 offenders list out of them.

A public campaign was held , advocating that the death penalty was harsh to these young offenders, the state's Executive Council reviewed all the sentences and commuted three to life imprisonment on the ground of mitigating circumstances.

This is not a myth,this is the pages of real life. How can man so brutal to his sisters, women?

Behave like a Human, stop sexual predation, stop rape.

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