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The European Government Stopped The Trial of Hydroxychloroquine Following WHO

The European Government Stopped The Trial of Hydroxychloroquine Following WHO

The European Government halted the trial of the  Hydroxychloroquine ,anti-malaria drug , used for COVID-19 treatment on Wednesday following the WHO decision. Tedros Adhanom, the Director General of WHO said in a press briefing that, in light of a paper published last week in the Lancet that showed people taking hydroxychloroquine were at higher risk of death and heart problems,there would be "a temporary pause" on the hydroxychloroquine arm of its global clinical trial. Tedros added that, this concern relates to the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine in COVID-19, the drug approved for malariaor autoimmune diseases.

The WHO has 3500 patients from 17 countries enrolled in what it calls the Solidarity Trial , to find the new treatments for COVID-19 . The patients in the trial have been randomly assigned to be treated with hydroxychloroquine and other experimental drugs. Only the hydroxychloroquine trial put on hold.

" The reviews was prompted by the article in The Lancet, which was not a randomized control trial but still large" said Dr.Sowmya Swaminathan, The WHO Chief Scientist.

" We reviewed the data and concluded that there is no evidence of a beneficial effect of hydroxychloroquine in patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and decided to stop enrolling patients to the hydroxychloroquine arm, with immediate effect, and that has been actioned this morning," Martin Landray, deputy chief investigator of the trial and a professor at the University of Oxford, said during a media briefing on Friday.

"As part of the trial,1,542 Covid patients were randomly selected to receive hydroxychloroquine as a treatment compared with 3,132 patients who received the usual standard care. The data showed that25.7% of patients died, who treated with hydroxychloroquine compared with 23.5% who received normal care."

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