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The Book Which You will Read Full at One Sitting

A Thousand Splendid Suns

 Khalid Hossieni who have taken a  good effort to portrait the  journey of forty years of sufferings of  two girls, Mary and Laila  . Thousand Splendid Suns' is actually a Realistic fiction. In stories with a realistic fiction genre, some part of the story is true and the rest is not. The Soviet Union did invade Afghanistan. The war details given are true. As a reader  , there may be a lot of themes to be learned from this story,but what caught me off the line was its MOTHERHOOD. For Mary, from the age she remembered, Father is a guest that comes with new toys and dresses for her on Thursdays . Since her fifth year , even when the whole world sealed her as ‘Harami’ and her mother attributes bad comments on her father  , that little mind only craved for the paternal affection.When she asking her mother about father she repeatedly shouted that " we have no one else to come ". But she did n’t realized the truth of these words and she goes to seek her father without mother’s consent . The source of the grievance and hatred of that poor mother may be ,the ignorance of the paternity of his own child by a father .

 He was a loving father  to her until she saw him as a silent witness  when her father’s wives offered her to a 30 years elder vendor Rasheed as wife .Rasheed dominated her body without even considering it to be a female.  The change in Mary , who has began to love Rasheed when she realized the growth of a foetus in her womb, still wonders  me.  How much does the mother's heart feel when she loses her baby eight consecutive times?   How much would be she  silently weep out between the four walls when she labelled as ‘barren’ by the whole world ?

 At first glance, it would seem that Laila, a woman who was born in an educated family, is the only area that varies her from Mary.  While Khalid insists that these two characters are symbols of tolerance, Mary's level on me is inferior to that of Laila.

 Laila Depends on Rasheed and Mary couple after she lost her family through a rocket explosion. I felt more angry to Laila, who got married to Rasheed even after she knows that a love beat of her niece Thariq was being growing in her womb , but when thought about it again ,I found  that Laila was right.  The motherhood in Laila must have wanted her child to grow up under a father ‘ s discipline when she realised that Thariq is no more. Mary loved Laila as her own daughter even after she realised that Laila, who made the crack between her and Rasheed ‘s life and at the end who had to spend the rest of her life in prison for the safety of Laila. These all may be the reason  why Mary became a superior position in the reader's mind.

 Read.  Your reader may be able to walk down the street where I can not.

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