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Slave Trader Statue Removed from London Museum

Slave Trader Statue Removed from London Museum
Black Lives Matter protesters in Bristol broke a the slave trader statue and thrown into the city's river. The statue was of  the 17 th century .The demonstrations were in part of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on 25 May.

 A footage of this scene was circulating all over the social medias. In which showing that the demonstrators tearing the figure of Edward Colston from its plinth during the revolts in the city center. Avon  and Somerset police have launched an investigation to identify those involved in the incident.

" The vast majority of those came to voice their concerns about racial inequality and injustice did so peacefully and respectfully." said Superintendent, Andy Bennet. "However there was a small group of people who clearly committed an act of criminal damage in pulling down a statue near Bristol Harbourside."

1000 were signed in a petition to remove the statue from there.Today evening the statue of noted slaveholder Robert Millingan has removed outside the Museum of London Docklands as part of the public requests.The crowd cheered and clapped at the time of the removal of the statue by the workers.

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