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Saudi Graduate Student Found Effective and Simple Testing Device for Covid 19

Ali Al Shehri
A Saudi graduate from King Fahad University Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) have created an effective and inexpensive test device for Covid 19.

Ali Al Shehri,the brilliant brain, who is now from a doctoral scholarship from KFUPM at the University of California, have invented a breathalyzer like device , which ensures the testing of individuals within 10 minutes.

A number of studies have shown that current testing methods may lead to side effects but this new method is more safe and secure.

The National Science Foundation have compiled a research team to set up the device with a $150,000 ,1 year grant in response to the invention.

Ali Al Shehri and his supervisor Prof. Pirouz Kavehpour together came up with this new solution for the testing of this deadly virus Covid 19.

The final product  will be available on the starting of 2021.

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