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Police on Horseback and Foot to Protect the Statue of British Explorer in Sydney

Police on horseback and  foot to Protect the Statue of British Explorer in Sydney
Black Lives Matter protests are widespread and the peaceful demonstrations have changed to violent situations.

Crowds have gathered in Sydney’ s CBD to protest against the death of black in custody, despite the NSW premier imploring people to avoid illegal rallies during the pandemic times.

Protesters chanted “Black live matter” and “not enough justice,too many coppers” during the march through the park. At least 200 people protested at Town Hall and Hyde Park amid a significant police presence on Friday night.

Police stood on horseback and foot forming a perimeter around Hyde Park’s Captain Coon statue as marshals began calling for people to disperse, go home and stay safe.

The crowd later broke up when police issued the a final warning in Town Hall.

NSW Police top brass have warned attendees can be moved on, potentially arrested or fined $1000.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday stated, “ The very clear message is people should not attend those events because it is against the health advice to do so.”

The state otherwise reported three new cases on Friday- two in travelers in hotel quarantine and a previous case stemming from the Greg Mortimer cruise ship off the coast of South America.

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