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Beat the Heat by Personal Wearable Air Conditioner-Blaux and Sony

Personal Wearable Air Conditioner

Nobody can tolerate the extreme heat and the increasing temperature, especially in the summer seasons. People often looking for a refreshment by getting out of their busy schedules. We have all probably thought about fitting a fan in our body in order to survive the heat in the extreme climate.It might be look so funny, but that one now has been revived.

A wearable personal air conditioner has been came in the scene by a great relief to those who are trying to escape from heat .Many countries are making use of this wonderful technology.

Blaux, an industry leader in consumer health and goods have released a pair of personal air conditioners with their own flare and features. The Blaux Portable AC plus Blaux Wearable AC now become the world attention.

Blaux wearable  AC

Features of this Wearable AC

Wearable AC could keep you cool without electricity.“An on-skin electronic device could one day provide personal, wearable conditioning without needing electricity,” reported by the researchers. Now you may think any kind of health issues by using it. No matter, the device includes numerous human health care applications as the ability to monitor blood pressure, electrical activity of the heart and the level of skin hydration. It can prevent heat stroke or exhaustion.

  • Positionable airflow
  •  USB-C charging
  • 30 hours runtime per full charge
  • 3-fan speeds
  •  Delivers 1.9 cubic feet per minute (1.9 CFM) of air
  •  Easy to clean and maintain
  •  Antibacterial filters inside fan intake
  • Thermoelectric cooling
  •  Ionizer for reducing allergens and pollutants
Sony Reon Pocket

Sony also has been making their mark on the world by making Reon Pocket, a portable air conditioner that slips into the upper back of a custom shirt.

The consumer electronics company recently announced the Reon Pocket – a smartphone-sized body cooling device you can actually wear. The wearable is being crowdfunded through Sony's First Flight acceleration program in Japan, and prices will start around $117.

While the mini AC won't keep your body at the perfect temperature in every situation, it could have a noticeable effect on how hot or cold you feel. Hidden in a built-in pocket on a specially designed t-shirt, the device will be able to lower your personal body temperature by 23 degrees or raise it by about 14 degrees, Sony says.

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