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Pandemic: What Happening Around the World


COVID 19 have agitated whole world and the entire structure of world have deformed.
Many countries are struggling and taking more precautions until now, but some others were dropping their battle against this pandemic.
Economic crisis and unemployment, starving bellies have become the daily visuals of whole world.

A small view across the world:

Mexico City

Coronavirus related cases and deaths across the region are rising more faster than anywhere in the world.The region have recorded nearly 1.2 million cases and a death of more than 60000. 

Even in these conditions the Mexico City is losing their battle against COVID 19. Health officials warn countries against reopen ini their economies too soon, even as nations prepare to reopen or already done so.

“ We are especially worried about Central and South America, where many countries are witnessing accelerated epidemics,” said Tedros Adhanam, The Director General of WHO.


Brazil is another one who witnessing a great amount of cases. The country is in crisis by having atleast 645771 coronavirus cases and more than 35000 deaths.
 It’s worth noting, that Brazil is testing at a far lower case than America . So there should be more unregistered cases.

A study released by Federal University this week shows that Brazil will record 1 million
cases and about 50000 deaths by June 20.


 The people in Peru, have lined up for about hours to refill their Oxygen tanks.

This week officials announced that Peru would enter phase 2 reopening plan, where businesses like. Clothing stores and hair salons operate again.


India becoming among the worst pandemic zone due to the day to day increase in Corona virus cases. A total of more than 200,000 cases and more than 6,900 cases are reported yet. There will be unregistered cases. 
India’s economy have down to 10% of its Gross Domestic Product ( GDP). 

In Mumbai, in public hospitals, Corona virus patients have been asked to share beds, sleep on floor, or share ward with corpse that have been left on beds for hours.

Middle East 

Middle East are becoming more pathetic by the increase in COVID 19.  Saudi Arabia became more infected area among Gulf countries about more than 98000 cases with a total of 676 deaths.

Qatar is in second position followed by a total death of 51 out of more than 67,000 infected cases. 

Other Middle East countries like UAE , Kuwait , Oman and Bahrain have a total cases less than 40,000 reported yet.

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