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Pandemic - UK Started Human Trials for Covid-19 Vaccine

Clinical researchers started the human trials this week of anew vaccine for Covid 19 developed by scientists at Imperial College London.

“The Covid 19 has claimed thousands of lives and had a huge impact on daily life. In the long term, a viable vaccine could be vital for protecting the most vulnerable, enabling restrictions to be eased and helping people to get back to normal life,” said Professor Robin Shattock, from the department of infectious Disease at Imperial who is leading the work.

About a dozen vaccine candidates are currently in early stages of testing in thousands of people. 

Robin Shattock said the advantage of their vaccine is the small amount required, their doses is one hundredth of the dose being tested by the NIH and modern Inc. That means millions of doses could be relatively and quickly manufactured.

The Vaccine uses synth strands of genetic code based on the virus. Once injected into the muscle, the body ‘s own cells are instructed to make copies of a spooky protein on the coronavirus. That should in turn trigger an immune response so the body can fight off any future Covid 19 infection.

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