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Pandemic-Asymptomatic spread of corona virus is very rare, said WHO official

It is very rare the chance of spreading COVID 19 from  an asymptomatic patient to others , revealed by a Senior official of  WHO on Monday.

There might be people, who test positive even no symptoms showing. In April the Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention (CDC), released a report," These findings also suggest that to control the pandemic, it might not be enough for only persons with symptoms to limit their contact with others because persons without symptoms might transmit infection."

However, during a press conference with WHO officials on Monday, Dr Maria Van Kerkhove said that although the virus can be spread by patients without symptoms, it is not the main way it is transmitted.

Dr Kerkhove, the head of WHO's emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, said that the focus should now on the tracing of symptomatic cases, as that is what the organisation believes will help reduce the spread of outbreak.

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