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Pakistan Stock Exchange Terrorism- Gunmen Killed in Karachi

Gunmen in Pakistan

Four heavily armed Gunmen have attacked the Pakistani stock exchange in the Southern city of Karachi, killing at least two people and injuring others, local media report.

The attack began on Monday, when the militants armed with automatic rifles threw a grenade and then began for at a security post outside the stock exchange.

“ They had come in a silver Corolla car,” Karachi police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon later told Reuters.

Stock Exchange Director, Abid Ali Habib, said the fun men made their way from the car park and “ opened fire on everyone.”

Guards fought back, killing all four attackers, the authorities say, but police officers and security personnel are feared to be among the casualties.

Latest report quote police saying, officers have killed by the gunmen and are combining the area.

Militants from the Baloch Liberation Army day they were behind the attack.

Ethnic Baloch groups have fought a long running insurgency for a separate homeland and a greater share of resources in Pakistan’ s Balochistan Province.

It is not clear if more assailants were involved and a search of the premises is continuing. The Pakistan Stock Exchange said in a statement they the situation was “ still unfolding.”

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