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New Zealand Reported New COVID 19 Cases Breaking the Zero Covid Country Claims

Again new cases of COVID 19 have reported in New Zealand. Last week New Zealand had lifted all restrictions by declaring the country as zero Covid cases.

Two women, one of 30 and other of 40, landed New Zealand on 7 June from UK via Doha and Brisbane are the newly reported infected cases.

Both women are from the same family and had traveled from the UK and were given special permission to attend the funeral of a parent.

They were in quarantine and stayed in a managed isolation hotel in Auckland and on 13 June applied for an exemption to visit their dying parent. But who died later that night.

The women were tested on Monday and the results were confirmed on Tuesday.

Prime minister Jacinda had warned on the celebration of country on zero cases, the country would certainly see cases again.

Since 8 June all arrivals are tested for Covid 19 and have to go through a 14 day isolation or quarantine.

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