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Money Heist, the Spanish heist crime drama series, have now became the real nerve addiction to the entire mass on Netflix due to its plain plot. But beyond these series, one can have the curious to crave on the real life incidence of these milestone and the man behind the robbery Albert Spaggiari for you.

1976 in France, a well planned bank robbery of all times was masterminded on Société Générale Bank of Nice by Albert Spaggiari.

Albert Spaggiari once went to the bank and he happened to hear water flowing through a sewer and he came across that the sewer was going beneath the bank and it was exactly going beneath the Locker room of the Bank. Suddenly lots of thoughts passed through his mind to rob the bank. Then he decided to make a well calculated plan to rob the bank.

Money Heast real story

For testing the efficiency of security of the locker room, he rent a locker box and placed a loud alarm clock in it by setting the clock to ring at night. By that way to the locker room he understood the exact location, mechanism of locker and locker room structure. He realized that there was no locker protection system worked by the ringing of alarm clock because of the extreme thick door wall of the locker room. 

His initial step was successful, then he head to Marseille and made a contract with professional gangsters to rob the bank. Then began to make a tunnel under the locker room through a continuous shift of working in day and night. Each person should have 10 hours of sleep and need to avoid alcohols and coffee to keep away from stress and sleepiness. They made a 8 metres of tunnel in 2 months to reach under the locker room.

On 16 July 1976 during the long weekend of Bastille Day (National Day of France) , Spaggiari’s gang broke into the vault safe. They had a party in the locker room with wine and pâté. They opened 400 safe deposit boxes and stole an estimated 50 - 100 million Francs worth of money, securities, and valuables. Before they left on 20 July, Albert spaggiari left a message on the walls of the vault “sans armes, ni haine, ni violence”(without weapons,hatred,or violence). This was the largest Bank robbery of that time.

Albert Spaggiari and his gang vanished from the town. Police’s searchings ended on the news, missing of the photographer, Albert Spaggiari. Police questioned his girlfriend and found out that he made this enormous bank robbery. Police searched for him everywhere. They found one of the robbers but no evidence of Spiggiari.

He was arrested from the Airport on returning to Nice as accompanying the Mayor of Nice Jacques Médecin in the Far East as a photographer. During his case hearing,Spaggiari made a fictitious document to the Judge as his crime evidence. While the Judge was distracted by the document, spaggiari jumped out of the window from 2nd floor and vanished from there on a bike that was awaiting him.

Still now there is no information about Albert Spiggiari. Many arguments raised about him, but those were not true.

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