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Medical Coding- The Best Carrier Option

Medical coding is a wonderful carrier which now the fresh graduates are often choosing . Let us look more about this field .Actually medical coding is the transformation of health care diagnosis, procedures, medical services and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes. The codes of the diagnosis and the procedures are taken from medical record documentation, such as laboratory and radiology results, transcription of physicians notes,etc.

Medical coders are dealing with the updation of patients’ records with standardized information needed for data management and billing purposes. The specific codes you assign will determine how the medical office bills the insurance company for the patient’s visit. Medical billers on the other hand, process and follow up on claims sent by a health care provider to health insurance companies. Most often the medical coder and biller  may be the same person or work with each other to ensure the invoices are paid properly.

 Medical coding isn’t as hard as it seems at first glance . Initial months can be stressful for fresh medical coders and once you learn and follow the coding guidelines and you dealing with more codes you will become cool and stress free expert in that field.

Check out the link below for the best guides for CPC examination: MEDICAL_CODING

Now what about the duration and eligibility of medical coding

Graduate from any field can go for medical coding course….but it you are from life science background then it will be easy for you to learn about medical codes.

Approximately, the duration of the medical coding program should be for 4 months for the basic studies. It takes anywhere from 6 months to 2 years based on your experience and academic background to become a ICT 10 certified coder. If you have taken prior classes in anatomy & physiology (including independent study), medical terminology and ICD-10 guidelines then the transition to becoming a medical coder is much faster since these are core topics.

A general certification is the best place to start as a new medical coder. There are many certifications available for the medical coding. The AAPC’s Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam remains the most popular certification in the field.

You must register for the CPC and schedule it at least 3-4 weeks in advance to the date of exam.
The CPC exam comprised of 150 multiple choice questions and it covers 24 subject areas including, anesthesia, radiology, medicine.

 To pass AAPC’s  CPC exam you have to score 70 percent of 150 questions.

 If you are willing, You can learn medical coding at at home too and even you can become a Professional Certified medical coder at home. There are many online studies and guidelines are now available .

 So choose the right pathways for your bright future.

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