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Manuel Ellis Another Prey of Racial Discrimination

Manuel Ellis Another Prey of Racial Discrimination
The sounds against Racism is wild spreading in each and every corner of the world . On Thursday,The Mayor of Tacoma, Washington, Victoria Woodward, called for the  four Officers involved in the death of an African American man Manual Ellis to be fired and prosecuted under the evidence of a mobile footage showing the scenes of his death.

The incident occurred in March and the footage have released on Thursday , a lady whose name didn’t revealed yet , captured the video in which Ellis have been caught up and beaten by the police officers and stabbing on the ground. The voice of that lady screaming out of the car,’ stop oh my God! Stop hitting him and just arrest him’ could be hear in it .

Tacoma is among the cities across the country, where the revolts against the racial discrimination followed by George Floyd death have been sparkling around a week . Now a new page of the racism have been noted in the history.

Mayor Victoria Woodards called for the officers' firing at a news conference streamed on Facebook on Thursday. "Today, it stops in Tacoma," Woodards said. "We live in a nation where too many black lives have been lost, and I don’t want to see another one,"

The primary autopsy showing that the death reason is hypoxia and physical restraint . The Tacoma city council unanimously approved sending letter to the governor , Jay Islee, requesting an independent review of Ellis’s death.

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