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Madeleine McCann - A Mysterious Child Missing Case

Madeleine McCann A  Mysterious Child Missing Case
Madeleine McCann
The missing case of Madeleine McCann is of great mystery, she is missing for 13 years . She disappeared on the evening of 3 May 2007 from her bed in a holiday apartment at a resort in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, Portugal.

She is the person titled with “ the most heavily reported missing person case in modern history.” Madeleine was in a holiday with his family. She got missed in the ground floor of the apartment, where they stayed. She and her 2 year old twin siblings had been left asleep by the parents, when the missing occurred.

The parents searched her throughout until they discovered that she was missing . Over the following weeks, after misinterpreting a British DNA analysis, the Portuguese police came in across with the data Madeleine had died in an accident, but her parents never give up their trials to find their child.
The parents continued the investigation using private detective until Scotland Yard opened its own inquiry, Operation Grange ,2011. 

The 2013 police report was triggered after British detectives made a new appeal in the Madeleine case on German Crimewatch style show inTV. In that year Scotland Yard released e- fit images of men they wanted to trace, including a seen of man carrying a child toward the beach, soon after the cas reopened. 

In 2015 the Operation Grange scaled back, but inquiries were continued by other detectives.

In June of 2020 the police in German city, Braunschweig revealed that a German prisoner was the prime suspect in the case, with evidence showing he was in and around the Praia daLuz area at the time of missing. He is a43 year old convicted sexual predator, he identified only as “Christian B” due to Germany’s privacy laws.

The public prosecutor’s office told media they believe Maddie is dead, and even know the method used to kill her .

But her whereabouts are still remaining mysterious without any solid confirmation.

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