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Jose Salvador Alvarenga- The man Survived Being Lost 438 Days in Sea

Jose Salvador Alvarega
The Pacific Ocean is mindbogglingly big and which covers one- third of Earth’s entire surface and it’s bigger than the all over the land on earth combined. That almost empty, which means that if you are ever unfortunate enough to get lose here, there is a very chance that nobody will ever find you. Which makes the story of this hero, Jose Salvador Alvarenga and his rescue all the fascinating.

He currently holds a world record that he achieved on an accident and that probably nobody wants to beat the longest time spent being lost at sea alone. He survived for about 438 days in the Pacific so his record won’t beaten anytime soon.

How did he do it?

In 2012, Alvarenga was an experienced fisherman in Mexico. On November 17 th he and another one named, Ezekiel Córdoba departed together on their fishing boat from Costa Azul on the Mexican Pacific coast.They had only a plan of half an hour fishing shift.But their boat was pretty small and not at all equipped for the nightmare . It had only a small motor and a refrigerator to storing their fish.

It was the time of strong storm , even though the Fishermen in these parts of Mexico can earn enough money in a day to support themselves for an entire week.

They traveled 120 kilometres away from the coast, when the storm hit them and their boat began to sink. They were 6 hours away from the coast.

They attempted to go back, but soon their motor died. The storm began to push them towards the ocean.

Their boss did started to search them for days. But as their boat drifted further out into the vastness of the Pacific it got harder and harder. After 4 days the wind had blown them 450 Kilometres off the coast, before they settled down .

They were surrounded in all ways by the ocean and they were forced to catch tiny fish or birds as food with their bare hands. During long periods, no rain and they were forced mostly drink the blood of turtles or their own urine.

Córdoba got sick from the eating of raw food and refused to eat and eventually starve to death by leaving Alvarenga alone.

But even still he claims to have encountered one  when he was alone. A cargo ship apparently passed right by him and four men on board spotted him and waved but bad luckily,they didn’t stop.They ignored him.

In about 11 months Alvarenga had traveled about 8000 km. Finally on 30 th of January 2014, he spotted coconuts bubbling around his boat and birds landing around him. He knew that land was near and after drifting some more he discovered an island, that appeared to be inhabited.

He saw a house and he made contact with a human since he left his village in Mexico 438 days ago and after traveling 11,000 km .

Alvarenga ended up washing ashore on the Ebon Atoll.Later he was flown back to his home in EI Salvador.

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