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Is there a Real Phoenix Bird - What's the Story Behind Phoenix

Is there a Real Phoenix Bird - What is the Story Behind Phoenix
We often resemble the survivors as Phoenix bird, Do you know why we doing this parable? What’s the story behind it? Is There a Phoenix bird? What does a Phoenix symbolize?

Phoenix is a Mythical bird from Ancient Cultures and all ages.Its a symbol of rebirth, renewal and immortality. Phoenix is large, grand bird, much like an eagle or peacock , with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet. Its often have a life span of 500-600 years. A wide varieties of Mythical stories are there which porting Phoenix in different angles.

Unlike some other mythical creatures found in fantasy books, there is a valid reference to the Phoenix in ancient Jewish sources as the Book of Job, he says "I will perish with my nest, and like a chol
I will multiply my days
” (*chol - Phoenix). These lines are explaining well about its rebirth and survival.

In ancient Arabs, considered Phoenix as a legendary bird, according to myth it consumed itself by fire every 500 years , from which a new young Phoenix outbreaks- sprang from its ashes.

The Egyptians associated the Phoenix with immortality. In ancient Egypt and Classical antiquity, Phoenix have associated with the worship of sun.

Ancient Greek legends considered Phoenix as a symbol of rebirth .In Ancient Greek folklore, a Phoenix is a long lived bird that cyclically regenerates from its own ash or is otherwise born again.

The Greek mythology says, There only exists one Phoenix at a time. Near its time to death, it builds a nest with cinnamon sticks and raisins and sets itself on fire, and is consumed by the flames. Anew Phoenix springs forth from the pyre.

In most fantasy worlds today phoenixes have inherited other powers. Very often they are described as having the power of resurrection (they aren't only reborn from their ashes, they can also revive someone else, if you want). Very often through their tears, which can heal the pain.. They also are supposed to have to power to create illusions. Some will tattoo phoenix to symbolize their new starting.

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