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India China Clash- China Use Martial Trainers

India China Clash- China Use Martial Trainers

China has said it is moving 20 martial art trainers to the Tibetan Plateau to train their forces.

There is no official reason for this decision has been given, but can be related as it comes after at least 20 Indian troops killed in a face off with China on June 15. 

News of the army’s new martial arts trainers was reported by official Chinese news outlets on June 20 , according to Hong Kong media.

China and India both nuclear powers have exchanged blame over responsibility for the fighting in the Galwan river valley in Ladakh .

China has not yet released any information about its casualties, while India says 76 of its soldiers were injured.

India said Thursday that it had reinforced troops in the contested Himalayan border region, saying it was matching a similar buildup by China.

At the same time, Chinese state media have highlighted military activity including high altitude anti craft drills in the Tibet region bordering India.

The new troops were recruited with the aim of “ strengthening the border and stabilizing Tibet,” said China National Defense News.

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