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How the Eighth Wonder of World Collapsed due to the Engineering Flaw

Kinzua Bridge
It has been more than 2000 years search of the Eighth wonder of the  world proceeding. The Kinzua Bridge in Rural north central Pennsylvania had to be take that 8 th place .

Sadly, it have stood barely for a century before succumbing to the forces of nature. Built in 1882 by a crew of only 40 in just 94 working days, the original made it possible for Pennsylvania coal to find its way into New York State.

In 1900, the bridge was dismantled and simultaneously rebuilt out of steel in order to allow it to accommodate heavier trains. The bridge remained as a commercial service until 1963 when it was sold to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and became the centerpiece of the Kinzua Valley Bridge State Park which opened in 1970.

In the years ahead, excursion trains of the Knox and Kane Railroad began running on the bridge, offering tourists a view from the structure second to none.

In June 2002, however, state officials closed the bridge in order to begin restoration efforts. But as a year later on July 21,2003 a storm from the east touched down the park.

Engineers say the failure was caused by badly rusted bolts holding the bases of the towers. The investigation reckoned that the whole structure oscillated laterally 4-5 times before fatigue broke the base bolts. The towers fell intact in sections, and they suffered impact damage with the ground.

Here collapsed the dream of an Eighth Wonder.

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