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How Blood Groups Define the Risk Factor of Covid 19

According to the new preliminary research, the blood type of you can define how likely to be the risk of getting corona virus .

Several early studies have shown that people with O blood types are less likely to be hospitalised and test positive than other blood groups. But it doesn’t mean that there is no chance for getting illness of Covid 19 to O groups.

Biotechnology company 23 and Me also has preliminary data on more than 750,000 people that found that people with O blood type are less likely to have the risk and about 9 to 18 percent less to test positive for Covid 19 than others, making them the lowest blood group to report a positive test for Covid.

In a preprint study published on March 27, researchers from China examined about 2,173 patients, who infected Covid from three hospitals in Wuhan and compared it to the blood group of non infected 23,386 people from Shenzen and Wuhan. Jiao Zhao, from the Southern University of Science and Technology, Schenzhen, along with colleagues found that people with O blood types had a lower risk of getting the infection compared to other non-O blood types.

The preprint also shows that people with A group blood types were at a higher risk of contracting the disease, compared to the non -A group blood types.

Even though, it’s still unknown how specifically blood type could increase or decrease a person’s risk of novel Corona virus. So taking care of this virus is pretty much needed to be safe and also follow the guidelines of Professionals of health to as a self protection from this deadly virus.

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