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Harry Potter Star Evanna Lynch Says she is an Obsessive Fan of Harry Potter

Harry Potter Star Evanna Lynch Says she is an Obsessive Fan of Harry Potter
Evanna Lynch
“ I was a really obsess Harry Potter fan. I started reading when I was about eight, and that was just my whole identity for a while.” Said Evanna Lynch.

She also added that the fan culture around desires is not healthy.

The actor, who played Luna Lovegood in four of the films after being cast in the franchise aged 14, said it was strange going from being a super fan of Harry Potter to starring in it.

“It was so weird to go from being a fan that used to talk Daniel Redcliffe( Harry Potter) to being someone people send fan mail to,” she told the Talking Tastebuds podcast.

Lynch continued:“It’s quite embarrassing. I did everything, I queued up for the books, I wrote fan mail to Daniel Radcliffe and got his autograph and I wrote fan mail to JK Rowling and we became friends.”

She added that the “whole fan culture is not healthy.”

Speaking of how this made things weird for her while working on the movies, Evanna added: "I found that the whole fan culture... I think is a bit unhealthy, you know being obsessed with a person. Because when I met Daniel (Radcliffe), Emma (Watson) and Rupert (Grint), I kind of knew everything about them.

She had made headlines recently for saying she was “so saddened” that trans people have felt “abandoned” by the Harry Potter franchise following comments made by author JK Rowling.

The children’s author was criticised for a series of “transphobic” tweets criticising an article for using the phrase “people who menstruate”, with many accusing the author of rejecting the young transgender fans who had found a community in her books.

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