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Foods and Drinks which Banned in USA

Food and drinks will be a weakness for everyone. But taking good for good health is often suggested. The fact is that, “no health then you have nothing”. 

Luckily many stuffs are permitted for us and we always enjoying our delicious ones. But if those food items make any harm to our health, it must be banned. So there are some foods and drinks which have been banned in USA.

Let’s look what are them and why those certain foods and drinks get banned.

Foods and Drinks Banned in USA Add caption
1. Unpasteurized Milk

Unpasteurized milk is banned in USA, even it still enjoyed by many other countries of the World, including Europe.

Now came to the reason of its ban, Unpasteurized milk is basically raw milk, which has been previously identified to the spread of E.coli, hence the clear cut reason found.

Foods and Drinks Banned in USA
                                                            2. Four Loko (Original)

Even the other varieties of this product is available in the stores in US, it’s Original product has been still banned in US.

FDA has been found that it was the original form of a booze- based energy drink and contained roughly twice the Caffeine as an 8-oz. it was re released in 2014, But is entirely different from the prior one due to the new rules and regulations per the FDA.

Foods and Drinks Banned in USA
3. Haggis 

Haggis, is what is filled with the Sheep ‘s heart, liver and lungs, stomach ( used as the sausage casing) , spices and onions.

You may think that this is gross, and will many wonder why it get banned.the fact is that, Haggis banned in US , back in  1971, the US put restrictions on eating sheep’s lungs.

Foods and Drinks Banned in USA
4. Redfish

In 1998, The New York Times reported that Louisiana had banned the commercial catching of redfish or Red Drum .

Marine biologist discovered that, only 2 percentage of wild redfish were making it out into the spawning offshore stock, nearly they would disappear as the Dodo.

Foods and Drinks Banned in USA 
                                                                5. Cadbury Chocolate 

Cadbury is incredibly popular across the world. But it’s hardly difficult to find British chocolate in US for the chocolate lovers. It’s banned in America. You may think Am wrong, of course you can still buy US versions of Cadbury products, but in different names.

The reason of ban was that, sometimes in 1980 s, Hershey bought all of the rights to Cadbury’s US Operations and therefore banned the importation of the delicious British based and infused chocolates.

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