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Coronavirus- The Bookings for Holidays Exploded

As the UK Government announced that travel restrictions will be eased,, the holiday bookings hiked in such a way that, travel companies say holiday bookings have exploded.

Ministers said from 6 July, blanket restrictions on non- essential overseas travel will be relaxed in the UK.

As per the new announcement, the one who travel will be allowed to go to certain European countries without having to spend 14 days in quarantine upon their return.

Holiday Booking in Europe

The list of travel corridors with the UK is due to be published next week and is expected to include Spain, France, Greece,Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Norway- but not Portugal or Sweden( the locations with high number of positive cases).

“ We have already seen bookings increase by 50% this week. versus last week, with holidays to Spain and Greece looking the most popular this summer,” said Andrew Flintham, managing director of TUI UK and Ireland.

Under the new rules, a traffic light system will be introduced- with countries classified as green, Amber or red depending on the prevalence of corona virus.

While the UK government responsible for the border controls, the Scottish and Welsh government say that public health and the response to the pandemic are devolved matters.

Both of them not yet interested to the new announcement and they warned they had yet to impleyyhr measures.

In Whales, the tourism and businesses are not due to reopen until 13 July, a week after the travel restrictions are due to ease elsewhere.

A government spokesman said,” measures would give people the opportunity for a summer holiday abroad while also boosting the UK economy- but stressed the relaxation depended on risks staying low.

Even the restrictions eased , each and every one need to take the risks of their selves.

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