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Corona virus -Why US Shows Record High in Daily Corona Virus Cases

USA Corona Virus

The US has a total of 2.4 million corona virus confirmed infections and 123,470 deaths more than any other country.

While other countries shows a decrease in the daily cases, the positive Cases in the US is still increasing.

The United States recorded an all time daily high of 40,000 corona virus infection on Thursday.

The weakening of the lockdown measures and social distancing is the main cause of these increments in the corona virus cases in US.

The priority to the economy than to the health made higher risk in Corona virus for the country than any other countries.

Health officials in the US estimate that the true number of cases is likely to be 10 times higher than the reported figure.

“We are testing more people per capita than South Korea, the UK, France, Japan, Sweden, Finland and many other countries,” President Donald Trump said this on May 11.

The US ramped up its testing significantly, and has carried out more tests in total than any other single country.

The US of course has a larger population than most countries, with almost 330 million residents.

But overall, the failure to take a ramp up testing initially,contract tracing and taking isolation measures of the infected person  and their contacts,as South Korea did, made the worst condition in US and the rapid spread of the pandemic, experts say.

As the illness took root, first in the West Coast states of Washington and California, the US was unable to perform meaningful levels of contract tracing because it was so slow off the mark with testing.

The government initially refused to relax regulatory measures that would have allowed states and local health departments to develop their own test kits based on guidelines provided by WHO.

Now, among the America’s most populous states, Texas, Florida and California are experiencing a surge in corona virus outbreaks even while others, including Newyork, see declines.

Decline maybe define as that, majority got infected,some recovered and some died, no one left as non infected.

Recurring Corona virus outbreaks could mean restrained economic expansion and elevated unemployment for year, according to Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans.

What seems to have happened, some economists say, is that a number of states restarted their economies prematurely, paying little heed to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

However, these led to the earlier and stronger recovery in economic activity seen in recent national statistics. But it also raised the risk of high in the corona virus cases.

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