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"Corona, If You are Visible, Then I will Slap You" ,Sounded that Little one

“Corona, if you are visible,
Then, I will slap you
And then, I wash my hands
To make me safer”

The words from a little one, who is inside the room since the outbreak and he is waiting the day to go his favorite park without any restrictions.

Found funny in these lines, but the real fact is whole lose the peace in mind, from little to big.

Is anybody here, who feel free to move out ? Can rarely found such a person.

"Should wear mask, Take 2 to 3 spares, wear gloves, don’t touch here and there, don’t eat food as such from outside, make use the sanitizers always, wash your hands".... many warnings and restrictions. One can’t skip this all today. These not for them....think, this all for you.

You can go outside without masks , without gloves without any protection in a crowd, but are you sure, you never caught up with the virus? No, there definitely would be a fear in mind. The faces of beloved ones will flash in mind. So you will use sanitizer, is it?

Many expectations had for 2020, took new resolutions and made a new theme for the new year and to explore the new year with as much changes as possible ... but all flew into the ocean.

Someone said, the most negative word of 2020 is Positive, absolutely true.

Sometimes feel like, cry out... and escape from this all running outside...but.. impossible.

However, corona became a part of our life.More than 10 million infected all over the world, what might be the ultimate number? No idea,may me and you all be the next prey. Not sure, if you already caught up by it. Fed up!!!

But thank God... we are still alive.
Mornings are hopes to hear “ a vaccine invented,” don’t know, how many mornings would cross to reach in that good news. 

Let’s wait... let’s hope... be an optimistic..

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