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Bill rookie quarterback Jake Fromm Apologized for His " ELITE WHITE PERSON" Text

Bill rookie quarterback Jake Fromm apologized Thursday following the issues emerged of a text messages' screenshots in which he said "guns are good, just make them very expensive so only elite white people can get them haha".

The texts he made were date back to March 2019 but leaked on Thursday morning as a post on Twitter.

Fromm went on apologize on his texts for the usage of " elite white person"by tweeting on Thursday afternoon.

 "Although I never meant to imply that I am an ' elite white person' , as later stated , there is no excuse for that word choice and sentiment. He added that" I stand against rasicm 100%. I promise to commit my self to being part of the solution in this country."

"I think we have a mature enough team that our leaders are going to reach out to him and work with him",  defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier said.

"Jake seemed very sincere in his apology," said Frazier." We have a strong culture on our team. Those guys are going to be able to sift through what is real and what is n't real."

 The Bills drafted Fromm in the fifth round out of Georgia in the 2020 NFL draft.

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