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Best Natural Immunity Boosting Drinks

1. Turmeric Ginger Drink
Ginger: 1 inch piece 
Turmeric powder: 1/4 tsp  
Cloves: 7
Whole Pepper: 1 tsp  

Crush the ginger, cloves and pepper . Boil some  water with the above crushed incrediants . While boiling add the turmeric powder into it and boil well for atleast 10 minutes and have the warm drink.

2. Spicy Tea
Ginger Crushed: 1 tbsp 
Whole Pepper: 2 
Cinnamon Stick: 1 inch  
Green Cardamom: 1 
Cloves: 2 
Unpasteurized Honey: 1 tbsp 

Boil the all ingredients except honey along with a litre of water in a pan for 30 minutes. Have 1/4 cup of this drink warm with the little of honey.

3. Hot Lemonade
Lemon Juice: 1 Lemon
 Mint Leaves: 1 tbsp
Ginger Grated: 1 tea spoon 
Cinnamon Stick: 1 inch
Garlic Cloves: 4 fresh  chopped
Honey: 2 tbsp

Boil 4 cups of water in a pan. Add all ingredients except honey, cover and steep for 30 minutes. Strain, pour in a glass and add raw honey. Drink warm.

4. Green juice 
Fresh Parsley: 1/4 cup 
Lemon Peeled: 1/2
Spinach: 3 cups
Pears: 2 medium, cut into pcs
Celery Trimmed: 6 large stalks

Blend parsley, spinach, lemon, pears and celery then pour it to a glass with ice cubes (if necessary). Drink it immediately.

5. Carrot Orange Drink
Carrots: 2
Oranges: 2 
Lemon: 1
Ginger Crushed: 3 tbsp
Fresh Turmeric: 2 tbsp
Honey: 1 tbsp
Warm Water:1 tbsp

Juice lemon and oranges and pour into a jar add  1/4 cup of carrot juice. Mix together honey and warm water and pour into the juice. Peel and chop the ginger and turmeric and add to the juice and let steep for a couple of hours. Strain and drink with chilled or not.

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