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Be Careful- More Dangerous Viruses than COVID 19 from Poultry Farms are Ahead

COVID19 have suppressed us by dominating in our entire field of life. Now what about the world with other viruses worst than this fatal COVID 19? It’s beyond all that can be imagined . But such a world is near us , so be careful.

Dr Michael Greger, a nutritionist and author of How Not to Die ,highlights in a new book of his, the dangers of the poultry and meat industry. He warning us a poultry- transmitted virus like H5N1 could be far deadlier than COVID 19 will spread rapidly in the world especially,among human being if it get mutated .

Be Careful More Dangerous Viruses than COVID 19  from Poultry Farms are AheadGreger have recently released a new book of him, ‘How to Survive a Pandemic: Overcoming COVID 19 and Preventing the Next Deadly Outbreak.’ In it he examines the scope of  ‘treating the cause’ of modern infectious viruses, many of which stem from animals.

He points out that,The unhygienic conditions of poultry farms have a more chance to spread diseases like H5N1, which have a 50% of mortality rate and found far fatal than COVID 19.
While H5N1 was not as contagious between humans , but strains  of avian flue have been observed as mutating.

By mentioning the  infectious potential of broiler chicken is a great threat faced by wet markets, Greger highlights many ways animal- borne diseases can spread to humans due to current life style practices.

With so many different corona viruses circulating among so many different species, it is  considered likely a matter of when, not if, the next recombinant corona virus will emerge and burst into the human population,” Greger writes.

Greger suggests for the modification and the reformation of the ways domestic animals are bid to avoid the next killer flu.

We know how tragic is this period of COVID 19 . So don’t make space to other malicious viruses . Should think about our future and about our followers.

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