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Avi Schiffmann, The brain behind the world’s best Pandemic Tracking Site

Avi Schiffmann The brain behind the worlds best Pandemic Tracking Site
Avi Schiffmann
Avi Sciffman, a teenager with a brilliant brain, who built the world’s best Pandemic, Covid 19 case tracker and protest tracking site more recently .

This 17 year old’s corona virus tracker is so thorough, in facet, that epidemiologists have used it to predict the disease’s spread . The trackers have garnered praise for providing concise, instantly updated information.

Schiffmann has earned the Webby Person of the Year award along with praise from Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who called the teen’s site “essential”.

Longer vision of these little guy, taken from an interview.

“I started (ncovid19) in late December, early January. I was curious about the corona virus numbers, but if I wanted the most up-to-date information, I had to look to the Chinese government—and I don’t speak Chinese. The alternative was to read news articles, but they didn’t update dynamically. I was trying to just find a nice-looking dashboard tracker, but I couldn’t find any.”

“I have a lot of people helping with researching information. Within 36 hours of posting on some coding sites, I had help. There is a lot of information you have to manually gather. I have a team of 12 high-schoolers, around my age, like seniors. I met them all online, and they’re all over. A lot of them are in Asia.” 

“I took (corona virus) information straight from the sources of these government places and started working on the dashboard. I didn’t expect it to be a global pandemic or for the website to be that popular. For a while, during most of January, traffic was decent, like 30,000 a day—not nothing, but not that great. It was neat to see that people were using it.” 

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