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A Pregnant Elephant Died in Kerala by Eating Crackers Stuffed Pineapple

A Pregnant Elephant Died in Kerala by Eating Crackers Stuffed Pineapple
A pregnant wild elephant died in Kerala on 27 May by  eating pineapple which had filled with crackers.. The heartbreaking incidence occurred in   Palakkad  district in Kerala .

The wild elephant had left the forests of Silent Vally in Palakkad district, wandering into a near by village in search of food. From where she found and ate the crackers filled pineapple, the pineapple,it exploded it in her mouth on the spot when  the elephant chewed it.She got injured hardly and she wandered in that area with pain for days . But she never attacked anybody in these intolerable pain. Finally she went to near by Velliyar river and dipped her head down in the water and died standing in that water.

" When we saw her she was standing in the river, with her dipped in the water. She had a sixth sense that she was going to die. She took a Jalasamadhi in the river in a standing position." Mr. Krishnan said.

 The post-mortem report revealed that the elephant was pregnant , made the situation more sorrowful.

" Her jaw was broken and she was unable to eat after she chewed the pineapple and it exploded in her mouth.It is certain that she was offered the pineapple filled with crackers to eliminate her." said Surendrakumar , Principle Chief Conservator of Forests and Chief Wildlife Warden.

Now a post is circulating in social media by saying that the crackers are filling in pineapples by the locals was a trap to wild boars who are making mess in their fields but the elephant herself  ate and confined to death.

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