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What Happened to George Floyd? Why Americans are in violence ?

American cities are being burning with fire and fury by the overcrowded protestants for the justice of the man , George Floyd . George Floyd, an African-American man died after a white officer holding his knee on Floyd's neck and pinned down while he handcuffed in Minneapolis, Minnesota,United State on 25 May 2020 . Four policemen have since been fired, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been called in to conduct a federal civil rights probe. The officer who pinned him to the ground, Derek Chauvin, has been charged with third degree 

A sneak peek to the memorial day - On the evening of 25 May ,Floyd was arrested after he was accused of being using a counterfeit $20 note at a local deli. police claimed that Floyd  physically resisted the arrest after he was told to exit his car,  but this claims remained as void in front of the mobile phone footage recorded by the by standers of there on that day. A white police officer then went on to restrain Floyd, and kneeled on his neck for at least seven minutes despite the 46-year-old gasping for breath and repeatedly saying “I can’t breathe”. The officer remained in that position even after Floyd became unconscious. His unresponsive body was then taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

" I can't breath"has now become a sorrowing slogan among protesters . The protests and demonstrations for the justice of Floyd was peaceful on 26 May but later it became extra violent as windows were smashed at a police  precinct, two stores were fired and many stores were looted and damaged. Some demonstrators encountered with police, who fired tear gas and rubber bullets. The protests and violence are still going more stronger and stronger .The people have unleashed the chain of social distancing and fears of this pandemic times and have flood on streets.

Inhumanity and racism are reflecting in these scenes, how one can to be so immoral and inhuman when one cry out for his life . But his autopsy doesn't shows the death cause as strangulation or traumatic asphyxia .This pandemic time is to make awareness of people about humanity and to stop crimes and selfishness. 

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