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How Kerala Became an Ideal to Others in Fight Against COVID-19

Kerala one which praised in the name "THE GOD'S OWN COUNTRY" is now praising more on the  bravery of its fight against the pandemic COVID-19 all over the world. The first case of COVID-19 pandemic in Kerala, which was also the first in all of India was confirmed in January 30  2020. There were 266 active cases initially peaked on 6 april before declining. And for the first time there were no new cases on 1 may.Over 45 days no cases reported in kerala. 
     KK Shailaja, Kerala's Health Minister had already gained a reputation for her efficient handling of the unfolding crisis. Media had nickname KK Khailaja as the "Corona virus Slayer" because of her hardwood work during the crisis. While rest of India, along with the countries like UK and US, wouldn't take steps to control and limit the movements in their country for the next two months. But Shailaja Teacher had ordered Kerala's four International  Airports to start screening the passengers.,and all those with symptoms were taken to a government facility. 
   Kerala often goes a different route from the rest of India. Kerala always maintained its focus on social welfare. And its health care system is ranked the best in India. But some states didn’t took any steps to overcome this pandemic, they remained naturally without any precautions . In spite of social distancing they call upon for social gatherings to chase the virus .When it declared COVID-19  outbreak a pandemic, the next day India reported its first death.  They took a long period to respond consciously against this virus and make curfew all over .
  Kerala lead a different style of leadership than of other states of India. When it become 15 cases confirmed across the state, Pinarayi Vijayan, the Chief Minister of Kerala ordered lock down all over state. He ordered to shut the schools, banned large gatherings, and advising against visiting places of worship. Stepped up the production of sanitizer and face mask, had delivered food to  schoolchildren reliant on free meals, got internet service providers to boost capacity to meet the demands  of those now working from home and set up  a mental health help line.During this time, the following returns of Keralites from different states and countries, more cases reported in mid may. Th e highest number of cases in a day is 84 in 28 may. As of 26 may, there have been 963 confirmed cases with 542 recoveries and six death in the state. 
Kerala had a more pandemic virus outbreak known Nipah on last year , the precautions and the steps put forwarded by the health departments and the people were made them more vibrant to the newly developed virus Covid-19 , They worked hard in tie up the Nipah from further spread , it worked well . This past experience taught Keralites what steps to be taken against this pandemic . Whole Kerala withstood in each of the laws made by the ministry and become more conscious. There are efficient teams as health professionals who working tirelessly.Kerala ‘ s health system contain a  three-tier system , which includes primary health centers at the lowest rung, followed by community health centers, Taluk hospitals, district hospitals and general hospitals. The tertiary sector is composed of medical college hospitals, and research treatment.Kerala healthcare ranks alongside some of the advanced societies in the world.But Keralites are so optimistic and they are all fighting against this pandemic as one irrespective of their political status and races. So that Kerala’s success in containing against corona virus has been widely praised nationally and internationally.

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